A painstaking few hours were spent combing the list of beers available at Nottingham's 2011 beer festival looking for the most appealing ales to try over two stints. These are the results of the search. I will try to remember to keep notes, but no promises.

number brewery name description abv
018 Art Brew, Chideock, Dorset Smokey Bastard Smokey dark beer 5.5%
052 Cathedral Heights, Lincoln Magna Plum Carta Hazy, refreshing, wheat beer with hints of plums 4.3%
063 Fullstow, Louth, Lincolnshire Rollerghoster A red beer brewed with summer fruits 4.7%
094 Dunham Massey, Dunham Town, Cheshire Milk Stout A stout, but with a slightly sweeter sensation 4.0%
136 Longdog, Basingstoke, Hampshire Golden Poacher Perfect thirst quencher with bags of aroma 3.9%
148 North Riding, Scarborough, North Yorkshire Fat Lads A creamy, strong dark mild 4.5%
184 Shires, Madeley, Shropshire Ginger Cob Light bitter with a slight ginger infusion 4.2%
201 Waen, Caersws, Powys Chilli & Plum Porter Rich dark fruit flavours, red chilli on the tongue 6.7%
219 Yorkshire Dales, Askrigg, North Yorks Roove Trough A dark smoked porter 5.6%
224 Springhead, Laneham, Notts Baremones Delicate spicy aroma and flavour. Dry finish 4.7%
303 Blue Monkey, Giltbrook, Nottingham Infinity An infinitely satisfying golden ale with Citra hops 4.6%
316 Amber, Ripley, Derbys Chocolate Orange CAMRA champion speciality beer 2010 4.0%
323 Ashover, Ashover, Derbyshire Coffin Lane Stout Stout with chocolate and coffee flavours 5.0%
324 " Liquorice Alesort Rich stout with Liquorice & hint of sweetness 5.0%
347 Buxton, Buxton, Derbys Wild Boar Aromatic, fruity IPA with eclectic hops 5.7%
361 Derby, Derby 30 Hop Drop A hop extravaganza, using 15 hop varieties 4.8%
458 Loddon, Dunsden, Oxfordshire Russet Ruby red with complex hop finish 4.5%
463 Loose Cannon, Abingdon, Oxfordshire Stone Brood Smooth, rich dark chocolate with honey notes 4.4%
475 Milestone, Cromwell, Notts Raspberry Wheat Beer Continental style wheat beer 5.6%
488 Oxfordshire, Marsh Gibbon, Bucks Marshmellow Mid brown ale, fruity malt lingering bitterness 4.7%
495 Peakstones rock, Alton, Staffs Black Hole Chocolate taste and malty aroma. Easy Drinking 4.8%
508 Quartz, Kings Bromley, Staffs Quartzfest Golden Ale, fruity and hoppy 5.2%
526 Slater's, Stafford, Staffs Why Knot An earthy spicy hop character allied to juicy malt 3.6%
541 Titanic, Stoke-on-Trent Wreckage Sweet, malty, port-like, cinnamon, warming 7.2%(!!!)
549 Tunnel, Ansley, Warwickshire Honnibal Necter Sweet honey, citrus aroma, crisp bittersweet finish 5.0%
605 Bartrams, Rougham, Suffolk Cherry Stout Smoky dark stout with added cherries 4.8%
613 Brewsters, Grantham, Lincs Hophead A pale hopy brew 3.6%
662 Belvoir, Old Dalby, Leics Robin's Honey Brewed with added local honey 4.1%
701 Naked Brewer, Corner Pin, Westwood, Notts Trouble and Strife Amber Bitter with a gentle/mid bitterness 4.2%
736 Saltair, Shipley, W. Yorks Blackberry Cascade Pale ale, infused with a hint of blackberries 4.8%
752 Welbeck Abbey, Welbeck, Notts Red Feather Amber bitter for those who prefer a sweeter ale 3.9%
754 " Ernest George Deep ruby ale packed full of chocolate malt 4.2%

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