A pattern I see quite often on help channels goes like this.

<new person> How do I foo the bar?
<experienced person> new person: Run baz --quux and look at ../wibble.bob 

at this point the new person has the information that they wanted and can carry on with whatever it was that they were trying to do.

Quite often, however, the conversation continues thus.

<another experinced person> new person: Also, you could run flubble --grog --foo | mycoolscript > ../wibble.bob to get the same effect

Add in experienced person then trying to justify their initial recommendation, and another experienced person then counter-arguing (possibly highlighting new person all the way, if we're on IRC or a social network that allows this) and you have a confusing experience for the newcomer.

Let's try to think about the information we're conveying to newcomers and how we're doing it. Easing people in to our projects gently is a friendlier approach, and will result in happier newcomers who are more likely to stick around.