tasty beerskis

Greetings real ale fans,

This most exciting time of year is almost upon us again. Yes, it's the Nottingham Robin Hood Beer Festival!

This year I have followed in the footsteps of Alex and Karen and decided to trawl through the list of over 900 beers so that I can best sample the delights on offer. My selection is here. I'm attending on both the Thursday and Saturday, so there's plenty of time for me to sample a reasonable number of different ales.

Beer aficionados, I'd welcome suggestions for alternative beers to try, if you'd recommend any of them. I promise to update the list after. I might even be tempted by the ciders, perries and wines. Generally I tend to prefer paler ales, but I also quite like a mild given half the chance.

See you on the other side!

(Image by Ant & Carrie Coleman, cc-by-nd 2.0)