More meta posting.

I have just converted the blog to ikiwiki.

This was a fun experience.

My previous post was a rather smug affair about how I was so pleased with myself for leaving Wordpress behind and moving to Tumblr.

I was wrong. I'm not pleased with myself. I still stand by my reasoning for leaving Wordpress, but choosing Tumblr was not right either. Here's a choice quote from their FAQ:

Can I export my blog?

We are beta-testing a blog backup/export app for Mac OS X. You can download it from the Goodies page.

which you could read as:

Can I export my blog?


I'm learning the lesson that everyone else already did about walled gardens and web 2.0, aren't I?

What I want is something which doesn't have the massive risk of security flaws appearing every other day, yet which allows me full control of my data. Something which generates (as close to) static HTML. A blog compiler. That's what ikiwiki is. As a bonus I get to write my posts in markdown and use git to manage it all.

Not that I can ever be bothered to post. :-)