Another 6 months, another release. While I haven't agreed with everything that has been done in this cycle, I understand that the project has clear goals and that toes are going to be squished in pursuit of them. It doesn't make me happy, and I wish that there was a more upstream-centric view in general, but there's not a lot I can do about it. For now I'm happy to carve out my little corner and contribute where I can make things better.

How in the world do you spell O......? That's the question I'll be asking myself every day for the next 6 months, I'm sure. Definitely the most out-there release name yet. Oneiric I think. I'm not going to spellcheck it to find out. When vim learns about the new release name then I'll be just fine (does it already?). :-)


Anyway this article isn't about how to spell the name. It's about what I hope to do in this next 6-month period, which just happens to be the length of an Ubuntu release schedule.

Get involved with Ubuntu backports

I've been saying that I would do for a long time now, but to my shame have not actually managed to do this. I hope to rectify this in this cycle. Ideally we can make our plan from UDS-N to open p-backports at FeatureFreeze a reality in this cycle, to give the project some energy. You might not know it, but backports in Natty are much more usable than in previous releases: you can now cherry-pick the packages you want instead of getting every backported package, and the packages you install will automatically track backports for you, so you get upgrades as they are released. Developers, make use of this!

Get Mono 2.10 in early

Mono 2.10.1 was released a while ago, and is now present in Debian experimental. We plan on an early upload to Oneiric, but due to default compiler changes (to dmcs which targets C# 4.0) there will be a number of FTBFS. All packages will need to be rebuilt as we switch from the 2.0 to 4.0 runtime.

This will be done in parallel or slightly ahead of the same transition in Debian. Where possible fixes will be uploaded first to Debian and then synced to Ubuntu. If you'd like to help, come and see us on #debian-cli (

Finish NM

This has been in progress for quite some time now, but as is usual there have been numerous delays. Hopefully within the next six months I'll be

GHC 7 transition

Ongoing in Debian, I'll hopefully in the next few days get GHC 7 + all of the already-transitioned libraries synced into Ubuntu and built, and then the old (libghc6-*) ones removed. (archive-admins, this does indeed mean new binary packages for every Haskell library) This transition is half-way finished in Debian too, so I hope to be able to contribute back with binaries there. Even better if the previous item gets completed, I can actually help out directly.


Well, that's that. If you're going to UDS in Budapest, I'll see you there. :-)