Below knee leg cast

2 weeks and 6 days ago I went bouldering at the Nottingham Climbing Centre. Unfortunately, I left with only one functioning ankle due to a mistake at the top of a route. The other one managed to get itself a lovely bimalleolar fracture. The pain was surprisingly not so bad, I just _really _didn't want anything to touch it at the time.

I was in hospital for the best part of a week for some surgery, which apparently went well (anaesthetic is seriously fast acting and bizarre — "This will work fast" / "Surely it can't be th*zzzzzzzzzzz*"). Got discharged with a cast and crutches with instructions to put no weight on the gammy leg. All being well, I'll hopefully be getting the cast off on the 21st, just in time for Christmas, and will be able to walk shortly thereafter.

Overall, having the cast isn't awful, just limiting in a few seriously annoying ways.

  • Carrying things (especially drinks). Both hands being occupied with moving your body means that it's rather difficult to carry anything around. Hopping is the skill to master, but it's next to impossible to hop a cup of tea around. :(

  • Going long distances. On the Monday after I got out (which was a Thursday), I decided to try and walk the 1-1.5ish miles into work. That was a massive error. It took an hour, having breaks every couple of minutes to catch my breath. Now it's been a few weeks I have noticed my cardio and arm/remaining leg muscles improving somewhat, so perhaps it wouldn't be so awful. Still be very conservative in estimating your range. I've been taking a _lot _of taxis, which gets terridly expensive.

  • Elevation (not the terrible U2 song). For the first several days after the operation, the leg had to remain elevated. If I had it down for more than a minute or so, the blood pooling in the foot caused serious discomfort. This was another major limiting factor in getting around. Fortunately it seems to have eased off now and I'm able to sit like a relatively normal person in the pub.

There's also bathing (the cast needs to be kept dry) and stairs (I live up three flights of stairs). Oh, and the muscle has seriously wasted away where the leg has been immobilised… looking forward to seeing the comparison when the cast comes off.

I made the mistake of reading a message board where people talk about their recoveries taking months and years, which isn't really what I wanted to hear. Went in for a check up the other week and the doctors seemed positive about the progress, so I'm hoping that mine will be relatively smooth. Still looking at several months of physio though. Mainly I want to be able to get back cycling as soon as possible. That will be my first goal (will save me 7 quid a day on taxis anyway).

The most important thing to me is having someone (or a few people) to help out, especially in the first few days post-discharge, in the whiny-bitch- everything-is-so-hard-i-cant-do-it phase. Thanks Rosiepops ♥ ♥