Welcome to my new monthly post series: CDs wot I bought just after getting paid, where I attempt to sound like I know about music by writing two sentences about each of my new CDs.

Or just end up sounding like a twat. You decide.

I bought 4 CDs today: 3 that are reasonably new to me and 1 from my yoof that I really should have acquired way back when.

Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orca (spotify) Off to a good start, not knowing how to describe an album, but that's where we are, and it's actually a nice feeling. It's unusual, it's got a unique lead vocal in Dave Lonstreth, it's addictive and it is DP's best work to date. (try 'Stillness Is The Move', which isn't actually sung by DL, but hey)

Local Natives - Gorilla Manor (spotify) This band make me smile; youthful lyrix yet grown up production. Great vox, harmonies, persussion and guitar leads on an album that isn't revolutionary, just plain pure good solid music. (try 'Cubism Dream', but listen to the words yo)

The School - Loveless Unbeliever (no spotify…) I described this on IRC as having undertones of Belle & Sebastian and overtones of The Pipettes, and I still agree with myself now after about a hojillion listens. This is a beautiful indie pop album with a wee (ok, maybe not so wee) 60s influence (Shangri-Las, you scared?); good solid songs about having and losing love and enchanting vocals make this a Must Listen™. (try 'I Want You Back', but not if you're still moping after an ex)

Glassjaw - Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence (spotify) Glassjaw were one of my fave bands back when I was 17-18, and this remains one of the bestest albums I ever did see and inexplicably not manage to purchase until now _(2 quid? bargain). _Constantly intense post-hardcore fuelled by post-breakup anger, best accompanied with the sound of yourself screaming along. (try 'Lovebites and Razorlines' — "What causes my laughter at another's disaster? / That's the bastard in me.")